Home renovation costs, working out your budget

We are on a site today where we are doing structural renovations. As the Owner when you start your renovations you always think about the end result, how gorgeous your new kitchen will look, what sort of appliances you will get, what floor coverings and so forth. Let me show it to you from a builder’s perspective, what items you might need to allow for in your budget, what happens behind the scenes, or better say behind the walls, that might get overlooked when you budget for your renos. If you are renovating an old house that was built a few decades ago, you most certainly find asbestos in your structures, and will have to engage a licenced asbestos removalist and independent hygienist to confirm that the place is now asbestos free. And that is a cost. In this case laundry ceiling was made of asbestos and it required to be removed. We are removing two walls to open up the space between the kitchen and the living and for that we need new footings to make sure the roof is supported; hence we opened the subfloor. Now this area is exposed and you can see a lot of rubbish and leftovers from the original built that you might want to clean up. We are installing a new heating and a cooling system but before installing a new solution you might want to decommission the old systems, get rid of the old ducts, and that will add to your budget. You can see a lot of spider webs, and again I would suggest once you clean up the subfloor space, do a proper pest control as it will allow the space to stay pest free for much longer. When you budget for your renovations make sure that you leave a certain amount as a contingency for the unknown items that might be sitting behind the walls, in the subfloor or roof spaces. I hope this video has been helpful, thank you for watching and bye for now. #renovations #homerenovation #kitchenrenovation #bathroomrenovation #asbestos #pestcontrol #rubbishremoval