Exciting News for Small Second Homes in Victoria!


The Victorian Government has introduced changes to make it simpler to build small second homes in residential and rural areas across Victoria. 🛠️✨
Here are some key features of these small second homes:
🔹 Floor area equal to or less than 60m2
🔹 Situated on the same lot as an existing dwelling
🔹 One small second dwelling per lot
🔹 Self-contained with kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and laundry facilities
🔹 No carparking required
🔹 Available for anyone to live in or rent out
🔹 Cannot be subdivided from the primary dwelling
🔹 Cannot be connected to reticulated gas
🔹 Must meet siting requirements, including minimum garden area
🔹 Can be attached, detached, or a conversion
🔹 Must have an access path from the front street

In most cases, obtaining a planning permit for a small second dwelling is not necessary, but a building permit is always required.

This initiative aims to provide more flexible housing options while ensuring compliance with regulations. Whether you’re considering adding a granny flat, a studio, or a small cottage, these changes open up new possibilities for homeowners across Victoria.

Explore the potential of small second homes and embark on your next housing project with ease! 🏠💡#SmallSecondHomes #HousingOptions #BuildingRegulations #VBA
for more details –https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/consumers/small-second-homes