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Just because the designs for your new home look stunning doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy living in it once it’s built. There are a lot of small, easy-to-miss details from the materials used all the way to the construction techniques employed—that can compromise the livability of your new place.

Let us guide you through the entire process so you can steer clear of maintenance headaches and costly repairs down the road and get a home that is truly a joy to live in.

Custom Homes

Let’s turn your dream home into reality. We’ll help you through this exciting journey to make sure you get a home that’s not only a joy to live in, but also built with a female touch, thoughtful detail and care.

Multi-Unit Developments

Are you looking to develop or subdivide? Ready to unlock the potential within your existing land and transition to the property development market? We help you to create wealth through clever building functional homes that reflect modern living in Melbourne..

Why You’ll Love Working With Us

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Customised by You, Delivered by Us

Each project is tailored to suit your requirements and lifestyle. We can also make adjustments if anything changes for you along the way. Our goal is to create your favourite home for both now and the future.

Your Project, Our Commitment

We are not a wholesale builder. We build a handful of select projects each year, which guarantees you’ll get our 100% focus and attention. With more on-site presence, we can ensure every aspect of your project goes according to plan. We value transparency and integrity, which aligns with our passion to build you a home that is enjoyable to live in and efficient to run.

Bespoke Home Proposal

We don’t just quote. We work with you to build a home proposal that meets your vision, needs, and budget. Many builders provide a quote with building materials and fixtures that may meet your budget but with a scope of work and materials that don’t meet your needs. We will present you with a full proposal that meets your vision and lays out all the options for finishes, appliances, and flooring so you can make an informed choice about the final budget and inclusions.  

Obsessed with the details

We consider every detail and angle of your project to ensure the selected materials and finishes work on site and are built to last. As a female builder and a mum, I know it’s the little things that count. Things like ensuring we clean behind the walls before plastering, lagging the pipes to reduce water noise through the property, and adding finishes such as paving paint to garage floors to give them a smoother finish and make them easier to clean and maintain. 

Sustainable, Easy Living, Healthy Choices

Whoever lives in your new build deserves to enjoy a low-maintenance, healthy, sustainable environment. Whilst you’ll have the final say on materials, we’ll recommend high-quality, low-maintenance, sustainable options to ensure that your property can hold its value for many generations to come. 

Homeowner Mindset

We build each home as if they’re our own. We make sure each project is as unique and functional as it can be. We will recommend materials with consideration for noise reduction, heat insulation, and cooling and energy efficiency to ensure living in the home is an enjoyable and cost-effective experience.

Success Stories

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