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We envision a world in which every Australian can afford a quality and sustainable home built for their specific needs and way of life.

Let’s turn your dream home into reality. We’ll guide you every step of the way to make sure you get a home that is not only personalised for you, but also designed to be easy living and sustainable.  

We won’t just execute your architect’s designs, we’ll also advise you on the best, most sustainable, lowest-maintenance materials to use, alert you of any potential problems before they come up, and suggest improvements to elevate your living experience.

Satisfied Clients

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The project lasted 11 months since we demolished the old house and now it reached completion and officially handed over to the client. With a joint effort of architects, engineers, and building contractors we completed the project in time and within the budget, complying with all the regulatory and technical requirements to ensure efficient use of energy and water as well as quality indoor living.

We have also incorporated a few core elements Livable Housing Design to make this place safer, more comfortable and easier to access for everybody, every day, at all stages of life.
Let’s get inside and have a look.

The main entries at the ground level are step-free, a level-entry makes entering and exiting the home safer and easier.

The entry doors are supplied with special weather seals for weather protection.
A digital audio-visual intercom system complete with remote door release is located at the front door allowing visitors to call apartments directly and be granted access.
Internal doors and corridors provide enough clearance and make it easier to maneuver strollers and prams, move furniture and carry in groceries.



• Being a woman and a mum, I know what works from a home maintenance perspective. Being a property investor, I know what’s worth spending money on. That is why every home I build is unique.

• I am proud to offer you strong project management and organisational expertise, meticulous attention to detail and technical knowledge of Australian building standards and compliances necessary to successfully run a building project through to completion.

• The Livable Housing Design and Sustainable features I apply to homes I build or renovate make them comfortable to live in and cost-effective to run. With my personalised and focused woman’s approach and professionalism, each project transforms into a greener, more efficient and more comfortable home.

I truly love what I do and I am determined to help you achieve your time, cost and quality goals and build you Your Favourite Home.

Clara Kugel


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Online Reviews

Still not convinced? Here are a couple more testimonials for you.

I’ve known Oksana from Your Favourite Homes for a year now and during this time I witnessed great professionalism in the way she delivers the services to her clients.
She likes to surround herself with trustworthy consultants and trade people so that the delivery is timely and of very good quality.

Oksana believes in and encourages accessible housing principles and long term liveability approaches.

If you are looking at developing your land or building your dream home, I highly recommend having a chat with her.

Laura Litcanu
Unfold Architecture

Oksana from Your Favourite Homes is an experienced and professional builder who takes great care to do the very best job. I have been very impressed with not only the quality of her work but her strong work ethic and attention to detail. Highly recommended for for your next build.

Sally Wills
Small Change Design & Construction

There are six months passed since I moved into my new place. I found a couple of really tiny things/imperfections which “My favourite homes” fixed immediately upon my request. Otherwise I could not be happier than I am with quality and comfort that my home gives me every day.
Wishing you a lot of success in the future.

Ella Moliver
Satisfied client

We chose “Your Favourite Homes” because of their reputation to build a custom home at a reasonable price in Bayside.
The entire process went smoothly and they kept us informed along the way. The quotes, service, standard features, and commitment to quality is second to none.

If we were to do it all over again, we would definitely choose
this trustworthy, reliable, builder!

Lana Volski
Satisfied client