Skylights? yes or no?

skylights, yes or no?

Right off the bat, having Skylights installed in your own home can literally bring brightness to your day. The energy and atmosphere it brings to a room is sensational. You’re probably even considering having right now, aren’t you? No wonder this architectural feature has been favoured by many – even way back ages ago up until today. Be that as it may, and just as any other component you will have installed in your home, there are a few things you must deliberate over having a Skylight up on your roof. Are the advantages outweighing the drawbacks? Is it worth having? It’s not a secret that sunshine can lighten up one’s mood. Having a well-lit space can definitely help you start your day right. With the aid of a Skylight, you can enjoy the natural light coming in even on cloudy days. You can even keep your lights off longer during dusk which would help you save more on bills. Darker rooms are also a great candidate for having a Skylight installed in. Extra lighting solutions are unnecessary since you have the daylight. Having said that, you will need to discuss with your builder or designer about its placement since that factor is essential in providing you the mentioned benefits. Other than additional lighting, Skylights are also a great tool for ventilation. If you fancy the idea of having a vent for fresh air to come into a room, Skylights can provide you with enough air circulation to dry up humidity in spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any room that moisture can build up. In summer seasons, this can help in additional cooling and would be the perfect answer for keeping those utility bills down. When choosing options, make sure they are air permeable. Skylights can also illuminate a space enough to make it appear larger. The reason being as they allow for light to enter the room, at the same time offer a view out with no obstruction. Along with these benefits, the disadvantages are also something worth considering. One of them is how Skylights can cause energy leaks and heat loss. Glass are better heat conductors than any other materials (like concrete) which would allow heat to escape from inside your home. It’s a must to consult your builder in regards to choosing Skylights that are thermally-broken and that the glass is insulated. As a homeowner, you also have to know that having a Skylight means being vulnerable to risks of roof damages or interior damages. Though abundance of rays can be a plus in some spaces, too much sunlight exposure and heat can lead to potential problems. Bleached furniture surface, faded carpet or curtains, or floor panels are just some of its target spaces. This is the reason why you need a professional’s advice on the placement, size, direction, climate control, and how you’ll be utilizing the space. Last but definitely not the least (and probably where a lot of people draw a line), are the cost and upkeep troubles. Skylights are definitely a task to clean and unsafe since they’re placed on a higher level. A tip to remember is to avoid them being installed in areas where they aren’t likely to have tree branches, leaves or any debris falling on them to reduce the frequency of times to clear it out. Skylight costs can be dependent on which type you’re having installed – manual, electric, covered, etc and which company you’re sourcing this from. Other than that any maintenance or repairs are also an addition to your budget. Skylight can be the right fit for some but also an inappropriate solution to others. Whether or not they are valuable to you at the moment is worth a second thought. It’s an investment to think over so don’t hesitate to seek advice from your builder. We bet you’re you considering it right now, aren’t you? Feel free to email us ? [email protected].

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