Debunking Myths about uPVC windows

UPVC windows are widely used nowadays, but false beliefs have also been widely known. Here are some things that you need to know the truth about!

MYTH #1: UPVC windows are made from plastic and not strong enough.

TRUTH: The “u” in uPVC stands for “unplasticized” which means it contains if not zero, only a little amount of plasticizing agent. Salt is the primary chemical found in uPVC windows, NOT cheap plastic.

MYTH #2: uPVC windows tend to crack or warp due to direct sunlight especially during summer season

TRUTH: Plastic is prone to expanding in hot temperatures. BUT! uPVC contains no plasticizer (that’s why it’s unplasticized). uPVC windows are all-season windows and can withstand any harsh climatic conditions. Double-glazed windows are created using galvanized iron. So, even in the hottest summer months, these wouldn’t expand. They can retain their shape and size regardless of the weather conditions.

MYTH #3: uPVC windows are bad for the environment

TRUTH: uPVC materials has greater positive environmental impact since it has no plasticizing additive, NO PLASTIC! It’s eco-friendly with outstanding insulation properties resulting in reduced energy bills. uPVC can also be easily recycled after use, leaving no useless materials behind. 

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