livable housing design guidelines

a unique partnership between community, business groups and government, LHA is helping to make homes easier to access, navigate and live in, as well as more cost-effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change.

LHA has produced practical, common sense guidelines to liveability.
Liveability works for pregnant mums, young families with kids and people with sporting or traumatic injuries, as well as seniors, Australians with disability and their families.

Safer, more comfortable and easier to access homes for everybody, everyday, at all stages of life.
A few core Liveable Housing Design Elements to incorporate into your new house design and construction:

  • dwelling access – safe and continuous pathway to the entrance that is level
  • at least one step-free entrance into the dwelling
  • dwellings should have a toilet on the ground level
  • step-free showers
  • at least 1200mm kitchen space clearance
  • at least 1200mm laundry space clearance
  • bedroom space on the ground level
  • a free space of 2250mm in diameter of circulation space in the family/living room

download the full Guidelines here  – LIVABLE HOUSING DESIGN Guidelines

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