are you sealing your house well? are you stopping bugs from entering your house?

check this advice from Master Builders on building tight and ventilating right
Understanding Building Air Tightness | Part 1

More emphasis on build quality is coming to Australia because it impacts building performance. It’s not so much WHAT you build with, but how WELL you put it all together. Take building sealing for airtightness. Why pay to heat or cool your home and then just let the air leak out?

There’s a lot of problems with that:

● if it leaks air it might leak water

● if it leaks air it might leak bugs

● if it leaks air it impacts energy efficiency

There’s no good argument for air leakage through the building envelope – the floors, walls and ceilings. Random leakage is NOT the same as ventilation. Once you seal a building up well you can add some effective ventilation and it will finally work right. This video covers the basics of airtightness! Build Tight and Ventilate Right!

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